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Matt Hardener MB31

Low temperature and fast hardene MB31 (Same as Degussa VESTAGON B31) It is used as curing agent or accelerator for epoxy powder coating and as accelerator for epoxy polyester hybrid powder coating.


Appearance: crystal or flakes in light yellow or white powder
Melting range: 85-101C
Purity: >95%


a.curing agent for highly reactive epoxy resin powder coatings, enabling a fast curing under the condition of 140%/10 ?C15min, or 200%/3-5min.

b.Accelerator for dicyan dialnide and epoxy polyester powder.

c.Curing agent for adjusting the surface gloss.

a. Recommending formula ITEM I II
Epoxy(663U or E-12) 56 50
Polyester(high acidity) 50
MB31 3.5 0.05-0.3
Levelling agent 0.5 0.5
Titanium white or other filler 40 40
b. Recommending curing condition ITEM /I: 140C 15-20Min
160C 8-10Min
200C 3-5Min
ITEM /II: 160C 15-20Min
170C 15-20Min
180C 5-10Min


a.Don’t mix other curing agent with MB31 for its highly reactive characterisic.The result of mixing will alter the coating??s surface tension and consequently a poor light and bad surface are unavoidable.

b.In the process of making powder coatings, put togather epoxy resin, fiiller and MB31 when they are dry.Fully mix them in an proper extruder with the extruding temperature below or at 100??.The time they stay in the extruder should be short to avoid connection ahead of time .the extruded should be cooled down without delay to avoid unnecesssary chemical reaction.


MB31 could be stored well for a long period in a sealed container, whenever the sealed container is open seal it again.